Multimodal Literacy

What is a Multimodal Literacy Badge?

UNE offers a badging program that documents different skill sets, one of them being the Multimodal Literacy Badge. To earn this badge, I am in the process of creating three projects to demonstrate my competency in multiple modes of digital communication.

The first project is a podcast created using Audacity. It consists of interviews with three Digital Consultants, where we discuss the way students can use their ePortfolio beyond the classroom.

The second project is a video created using Final Cut Pro. This project was an assignment for the coarse CMM 311: Digital Video Product, where we needed to write, shoot, and edit a silent short film. It is titled “No Leaf Leaf Behind” and highlights Maine’s beautiful foliage through through a students perceptive. I added several descriptions to meet the 3 minutes requirement for the Multimodal projects.

The third project is a podcast created using Garageband. This podcast is an interview with pre-dental students reflecting on their leadership development and how it prepared them for the dental field.