Who I Am

My name is Amy Bhagaloo and I am a UNE student from Connecticut. I am senior majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Communications. I currently just finished taking my DAT and applying to dental schools. My next step in my journey to dental school is preparing for interviews and hopefully getting an acceptance to dental school.

On campus, I am a second year RA, Digital Literacy Consultant, and the President of the Pre-Dental Club. Off campus, I am either shadowing local or being called “Miss. Amy” by the 2nd grade students I tutor at Biddeford Primary School. This year my primary goal is to practice a healthy lifestyle, as I attempt to find balance in a busy schedule.

Through the stresses of college, I am able to stay motivated by trying to make a positive impact. The simple tasks of showing kindness, listening carefully, and of course, smiling more, goes a long way.

This rainbow image of Miss. Amy was written by one of the students I tutored, and it serves as a reminder of how these small acts cans make a bigger difference in the lives of others.

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