DigiSpace Reflection

  • Term reflection post and setting intentions for next term incorporation of unsplash.com images and citations 
    • What kind of project are you thinking of for next semester?  
    • What medium (audio, video, etc.) and software tool? Why?  
    • Use an Unsplash.com image to represent your best Digi experience this term and tell about the experience. Add the citation for the image as well.  

I plan on completing all the projects to earn my Multimodal badge next semester. I have already created 2 of the 3 projects and wrote a reflection on each. My last project will be another podcast, which will follow 4 UNE Pre-Dental students (a first year, sophomore, junior, and senior) on their journey to getting into dental school.

I will be using Garageband to edit this podcast and Soundcloud to eventually embed the post into my ePortfolio.

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