Digi Space

What is a Digital Literacy Consultant?

This is my second year working as a Digital Literacy Consultant in DigiSpace, located in UNE’s Student Academic Success Center. I offer students guidance with a variety of digital projects, including editing their ePortfolio, recording podcasts, and filming with a green screen.

What is my experience with digital media?

My interest in digital media was discovered through creating podcasts in an ENG 110 (English Composition) course. I decided to explore more about digital media by minoring in Communications, which allowed me to take several communication theory and practice courses. Through CMM 201 (Digital Media Software Tools), I gained a basic understanding of Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and Dragonframe. I am enrolled in CMM 311 (Digital Video Production) this semester, where I hope to improve my technique of shooting, lighting, and editing video using Final Cut Pro X. Also, I completed training for Audacity, iMovie, and Green Screen filming through my job position.

What is the purpose of my ePortifolio?

My goal is to use my ePortifolio to demonstrate my journey as a Pre-Dental student with an interest for digital media. I want fellow college students to understand that they do not have to give up their passions to study hard sciences. I find the most success in my studies by balancing the demanding dental school requirements with the practical courses in the communication curriculum. Therefore, students can finish college with both the education and skill set to prosper in the workforce.