21/22 Schedule

UNE Pre-Dental Club meets bi-weekly in ACHS 205

Fall Semester: Thursday from 7:30-8:30pm

Goals: Recruit Dental Hygiene students

9/9- Introductory Meeting: Pre-Dentals and Pre-Dental Hygiene students learned about future club events and ways of getting involved on campus including local volunteering and shadowing opportunities.

9/23- “What makes a Competitive Dental Applicant?”: Presentation: Pre-Health Advisor, James Gaffney, speaks about what separates great dental school applicants from good applicants, and the red flags that keep students down.

9/24- Mentor-Mentee Mixer Event: Dental students matched with UNE Pre-Dental students as a chance to network and familiarize themselves with UNE’s dental school.

10/7: Undergraduate Mentor-Mentee Pairing: Undergrad Senior and Juniors paired up with Sophomore and First year, to learn the ins and outs of being a pre-dental student, as well as getting a chance to hang out with their peers.

10/21- Suturing Workshop: US Army officers, SGT Drost and SGT Kenny, instruct both pre-dental and pre-medical students in suturing techniques, as well as presenting about the HPSP scholarship opportunity.

11/4- Q&A Session with Dental: Hosted a Q&A session with 8 current dental students (Nolan Laakso, Emily Watson, Faith Coe, Michael Wilkes, Iqra Tahir, Jasmine Syed, Elise Grabowski, Noah Spagnola), and 2 current dental hygienist students (Michaela Godzik, Chloe Yescott)

11/18- DAT Day: Pre-dental officers present about the DAT and types of studying resources. Members will participate in DAT Jeopardy and the winner will receive a free DAT prep material.

12/2- Dental School Presentation: Pre-Dental officers will present about the dental schools in district 1: UNE, Uconn, BU, Tufts, and Harvard.