“Ways to Use ePortfolio Beyond the Classroom” Podcast

To create content for this podcast, I first interviewed three Digital Literacy Consultants with various majors. I asked each of them to explain how they have used their ePortfolio beyond the coursework. There responses are inserted below as 2 minute long audio files.

Ally Karriker ’20, Aquaculture and Aquarium Studies Major
Carolyn Schultz ’20, Animal Behavior Major
Ashley Argerake ’21, Art Education and Elementary Education Double Major

I felt that this was a relevant topic of conversation because I struggled with personalizing my own ePortfolio. We usually are introduced to the platform in our ENG 110 course, where it serves to store journals and drafts. While this taught me about the basics of posts, pages, and inserting media, I wanted to do more with this virtual space. I turned to Digital Consultants who have spent years revising their ePortfolios in order to find inspiration for the direction I wanted mine to go.