Tutor Training 21/22

One of the big takeaways from this year’s tutor training was that reading comprehension is practiced in all areas of study. During training, we viewed a presentation about the importance of critical reading and understanding content, which many college students still struggle with. This part of training stood out to me because reading comprehension is something I have struggled with. One of the ways that I was able to improve my skills in reading comprehension is through my work with ePortfolios. ePortfolio has given me a platform to create blog posts and annotations that reflect the coursework. It also allows me to organize my thoughts in a way that best fits my learning style. My learning style tends to be more auditory, which is demonstrated though the podcasts I’ve created.

Through my position as a Digital Literacy Consultant, I enjoy teaching others about ePortfolio because I get to learn more about a student’s individualized learning style based on how they organize their thoughts in posts and pages. I intend to continue helping students personalize their sites to best accommodate each student’s educational needs.

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